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Art Of Dating For Men Audio Program

The Art Of Dating For men How To Get A Girlfriend

Our Latest Product Release on Dating Women.

The Art Of Dating For Men.

So you have a date but what do you do, when do you call, where do you meet, and most importantly how do you make sure that things transition smoothly from the initially phone number to that (awesome) physical level… If you are frustrated because you meet women on a regular basis but fail to make things happen then we have a solution. Our latest program will get you sorted.

As Coaches We Get This Question All The Time. “I Have The Number But Now What”?

The Art Of Dating For Men is a two part audio program designed from the ground up as Colin shares his personal arsenal of tips, strategies and advice to get women to date you, make out with you and much much more… Get better at dating women!

Getting the digits is one thing, effectively dating and hooking up is another. If you feel rusty in this area, don’t understand how to go from approach to close… This program is made for you.

In Our Program You Will Learn

  • To set up that first phone call in a way that almost guarantees she’ll answer
  • How to get a flirt going on the phone which is vital if you want fast results with minimum resistance
  • How to set up that first date. get a full and detailed explanation on the right steps to take
  • How to spot a red flag early on and save yourself wasted time and frustration
  • Dealing with resistance

You’ll Also Get Advice On

  • Date ideas, structuring the meet up to ensure things escalate smoothly towards a physical level.
  • Who pays for what, hint – it’s not what you think and you will learn why
  • What if she flake and how to handle it
  • learn to use Colin’s three strike principle
  • Setting up your dating posture
  • working on commonalities – the power of rapport

And a Ton More Ideas

  • You will understand what mistakes men make and how to avoid them
  • As you date more effectively by following these principles your skills and abilities to attract women will skyrocket!

We are so confident that the information contained in The Art Of Dating for Men will help you improve with women  that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We want you to try this program risk free as we know it works!  So here’s the deal below:

Our Personal Guarantee When You Purchase This Program

Try out our program and start meeting and attracting more women today. If you follow the steps and for some crazy reason it does not work out and you find it challenging to follow these strategies. Colin will give you a FREE consultation session to help you implement the program.

Helping men meet and date more women is our core passion and we see the positive changes that occur in our clients lives when they get this all sorted. Year after year we get to witness these amazing transformations. Take the time now to begin listening to this program and take another step closer to developing your amazing life.



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